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Digital Story

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Lesson Plan
Digital Story

Please watch the video below to learn about proper posture, hand position and arm position when playing the piano.  A script of the story can be read below.

Correct Piano Playing Posture


Close up picture of piano keyboard with the title "Proper Piano Playing Posture":  Correct posture and hand position are important skills that any beginning piano player must learn.

Site image of person sitting at piano: 
Before playing, you must always remember to sit at the piano with a straight back.  Your feet should be able to comfortably reach the pedals without having to stretch for them.

Side image of person sitting at piano with incorrect posture:  Never allow your back to arch over while playing.

Image of person's arm reaching toward piano:  Your arm should be straight from your elbow to the piano and your hand should be able to rest on the keys of the piano without having to lean or hunch over at all.

Close up image of person's hand on piano:  Your wrists should not be bent so the hand has to reach up to play the keys.

Close up image of hand holding a tennis ball:  Your hands should rest over the keys and your fingers should be curved as if they were holding an imaginary bubble in the palm of your hand.

Close up image of fingers curved over piano keys:  Finally your fingers should be curved and relaxed at all times while playing.