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Create A Composition

picture of piano composition

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Based on your knowledge of beginning piano performance and beginning piano music theory, you will work in small groups to create a short melody.  This melody will be written out on manuscript paper and when your group has finished, you will record your composition in audacity, save it as an MP3 and upload it to podbean as an audio podcast.  After all creative assignments have been recorded and uploaded, our class will listen to each groups podcast and each group will perform their compositions live.  Follow the guidelines below when creating your composition:

-Your assignment will be in C position which means that the first note will be a C
-It must be ten measures long
-It must be in 4/4 time
-Use a variety of note types we have learned in the lecture
-Compose a melody in the right hand (treble) and one in the left hand (bass) to be played at the same time (hands together)
-Make sure the notes in each measure match the time signature (no more than four beats in each measure)
-Write out the fingerings under both the treble and bass clef staff
-Record your composition in audacity
-Export it as an MP3 file
-Upload your recording to our classes podbean site.  Use your group member names as the title